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Local Government


The City of Searcy operates under a Mayor/Council form of government.  The Mayor serves a four-year term and eight Aldermen serve two-year terms.  The Mayor is responsible for management of all the city's departments and funds. City administration is with Council approval.  The city is served by a 67 member Police Department and a 60 member Fire Department. There are three fire station locations in Searcy and our Insurance Service Organization rating is Class One.  The Searcy Fire Department is (ISO1) Class One Insurance Services Office Rated. It is the only Class 1 Department in the state of Arkansas. The rating also puts it among the top eight in the country.  The City also operates the following departments: Street, Sanitation, Code Enforcement, Parks and Recreation,  White County Regional Library, Searcy Municipal Airport, Animal Control, Engineering, Planning and Information Technology.  You may obtain more information on the city and services offered by visiting


The White County government provides services to all citizens in the county.  Departments and agencies include: Cooperative Extension Service, County Roads, County Schools, Department of Public Welfare, Health Department, Detention Center, Office of Emergency Services, Juvenile Probation Officer and  Voter Registration.  The County Judge is the Chief Executive Officer for the county and serves a two-year term.  The residents elect a county-wide legislative body called the Quorum Court, composed of 13 Justices of the Peace, each representing a geographic district within the county.  Together, the County Judge and the Justices of the Peace govern the county.

City of Searcy Officials
City Hall
401 West Arch
Searcy, AR 72143

Mayor / Alderman (2008)
Mayor David Morris ..... 268-2483
Logan Cothern, Ward 1..... 268-5541
Mary Ann Arnett, Ward 1..... 268-6358
Jim Dixon, Ward 2..... 268-6922
Steve Sterling, Ward 2..... 278-5040
Dale English, Ward 3..... 279-4341
Donald Raney, Ward 3..... 268-4111
Dale Brewer, Ward 4..... 268-9165
Mark Derrick, Ward 4..... 268-6119

City Clerk / Treasurer Peggy Meads..... 268-2483
City Attorney Buck Gibson......  268-8220
County District Judge Mark Pate...... 268-2133

City Departments & Agencies
Animal Control...... 279-1099
Code Enforcement ....... 279-1085
Fire Department ..... 279-1066
Municipal Court Clerk..... 268-7622
Parks & Recreation..... 279-1010
Police Department..... 268-3531
Sanitation & Recycling Center..... 279-1070
Searcy Carmichael Center..... 279-1010
Sports Complex..... 268-9746
Street Dept..... 279-1000
Swimming Pool..... 279-1048
Searcy Municipal Airport ..... 279-1080

White County Officials

White County Court House
300 North Spring
Searcy, AR 72143
(501) 268-6209

County Judge Michael Lincoln...... 279-6200
Sheriff Ricky Shourd......  279-6231
Coroner David Powell......  268-7220
Collector Sue Liles......  279-6206
Assessor Debra Lang......  279-6208
Treasurer Janet Hibbetts......  279-6202
County / Probate Clerk ...... 279-6204
Circuit / Chancery Clerk Tami King...... 279-6203
Beebe District Judge Tom Hughes...... 268-0504