Commercial and Industrial


Have a facility audit completed and install all eligible (free) direct install measures, and participate in the city of Searcy’s recycling program or equivalent*:.

  1. CFLs (Electric only)
  2. Pre-rinse spray valves
  3. Aerators
  4. Hot Water Heater Blanket (Electric only)
  5. Hot water heater pipe (Electric only)

Or complete one of the following items through our program:

  • Install high efficiency lighting
  • Install Lighting Controls
  • Install Variable Frequency Drive Motors
  • Complete a custom energy project (Gas and/or Electric Measurement and Verification required)
  • Replace Air Conditioning unit by one of our certified contractors
  • Install qualifying high efficiency natural gas foodservice equipment (replacement or new construction)
  • Install qualifying high efficiency natural gas forced-air heating system (replacement or new construction)
  • Install qualifying high efficiency natural gas storage tank or tankless water heater (replacement or new construction)
  • Install high efficiency natural gas boiler or system components (replacement or new construction)

*Curbside recycling is available to all Searcy residents inside of the city limits. Also, the recycling center accepts drop-off recycling, e-cycling and business recycling items from all of White, Woodruff, Cleburne and Jackson Counties.

Small Business Program – Cash incentives to help the small business owner save money on your energy bill and increase the comfort of your business.

Gas Rebates for Business
– Rebates for boiler systems, boiler components, heating systems, water heaters, foodservice equipment.

CoolSaver Commercial A/C Tune-up - Helps commercial customers improve the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump through a high-efficiency A/C (air conditioner) tune-up.

Commercial and Industrial Custom Program (Electric) – Tiered cash incentives to help the commercial and industrial customer  prevent: high energy bills, poor lighting, limited control over lighting and HVAC, Inadequate HVAC or chiller performance, solar gain from your windows, leaky air compressors and inefficient processes.

Commercial and Industrial Prescriptive Program (Electric) – Cash incentives for the commercial and industrial customer to prevent high energy bills, inefficient or poor interior/exterior lighting quality, lack of lighting control and inefficient or poor HVAC /chiller performance.

Commercial and Industrial Solutions Program (Natural Gas) – Incentives for Boiler retrofits and improvements, infrared heating, demand controlled ventilation, roof and ceiling insulation, process efficiency improvements and other gas-related equipment and processes.

Agricultural Energy Solutions
– Provides financial incentive and technical assistance to help your eligible agribusiness replace aging, inefficient equipment and systems with new, energy-efficient technologies.

Water heater rebate program – Rebates for installing a high-efficiency natural gas storage tank or tankless water heater in replacement and new construction installations. 

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