Faith-based Organizations

Smart Energy is Good Stewardship!

Good faith-based organizations hold in common a view for betterment of humankind and that should include good environmental stewardship! Searcy Energy Smart wants to give your Searcy faith-based organization the tools it needs to be good environmental stewards.

Not only is being “energy smart” good for our community, it’s also the right thing to do, and this is something that Searcy faith-based organizations understand well. Encourage your Searcy faith-based organization to join us to make a difference for today and tomorrow!

As responsible people of faith we should care deeply about climate change and our responsibility to reduce its negative effects. This ethical mandate cuts across specific faith commitments and calls us to ban together to make a difference for our children and ourselves.

Does being energy smart seem like a daunting task? It’s not! Your faith-based organization can make a significant difference by committing to investigate and follow-through with one or more of the tools below.

Electric -
Gas –
City of Searcy - Sanitation Dept.

Entergy Arkansas –
CenterPoint Energy –
City of Searcy - Sanitation Dept.
University of Arkansas  Applied Sustainability Center -
Arkansas Economic Development Commission -

Contact the Rev. Tony Griffin to see how you can join the cause!

Rev. Tony Griffin
Searcy Energy Smart Faith-Based Representative


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