Residential Programs


Have an home energy audit preformed and install all eligible  (free) direct install measures, and participate in the city of Searcy’s recycling program or equivalent*:

  1. CFLs (Electric only)
  2. Low Flow Shower head
  3. Aerators
  4. Hot Water Heater Blanket (Electric only)
  5. Hot water heater pipe (Electric only)
  6. Advanced power strips (Electric only)

Note: The natural gas residential low-flow program is NOT a direct install. The low-flow shower head and faucet aerators are ordered by the customer on our website and installed by the customer when received.

Or complete one of the following items through our program:

  • Have an CoolSaver tune-up preformed
  • Have your home air sealed by one of our certified contractors
  • Have your home duct work sealed by one of our certified contractors
  • Have your insulation brought to the recommended level
  • Replace Air Conditioning unit by  one of our certified contractors
  • Install qualifying high efficiency natural gas forced-air heating system     (replacement or new construction)
  • Install qualifying high efficiency natural gas storage tank or tankless water heater (replacement or new construction)


Entergy Arkansas, Inc. and CenterPoint Energy have programs available that allows customers to increase efficiency, lower month energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint through valuable rebates, incentives and education. Below is a listing of those programs and contact information.

Home Energy Solutions Program- Cash incentives to help you save money on your energy bills and increase the comfort of your home through improvements in duct sealing, air sealing, ceiling or wall insulation and air conditioner replacement.

Heating System Rebate Program
– Rebates for upgrading to a high-efficiency natural gas heating systems.

Summer Advantage Program – Helps reduce peak demand by installing a Direct Cycling Unit (DCU) on your home's biggest user of electricity, the air conditioner. Receive a cash incentive to help keep electric rates low in your community.

CoolSaver A/C Tune-up program- Helps residential customers improve the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump through a high-efficiency A/C (air conditioner) tune-up.

Multi-family Program – Helping our multifamily customers save money with no-cost energy-saving products.

Lighting and Appliances Program – Built in discounts a for energy savings products at participating retailers.

Manufactured Homes Program – Provides eligible manufactured home community managers and residents with easy, no-cost solutions to help manage your energy use and save money on monthly Entergy bills.

Entergy Solutions Online Rewards Program – Get rewarded with rewards points for reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Redeem points at top national and local retailers.

Arkansas Weatherization Program for Severely Energy-Inefficient Homes – designed to make homes more energy efficient and safe. Households can receive attic and wall insulation, weather-stripping of doors and windows, caulking and sealing cracks and holes, storm window installation, furnace retrofitting, and other measures to reduce energy consumption in the home.

Water heater rebate program – Rebates for installing a high-efficiency natural gas storage tank or tankless water heater in replacement and new construction installations.  

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