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  • Ultimate Roof Solutions


    About Us

    We are a roofing company that can Replace, Protect, Extend the life of your roof 10-15 years and clean your roof if it has black stains on it. Using nanotechnology we guarantee our warranty.

    Give us a call! We are proud to say we are the only roofing company in Arkansas that can offer all of the following under one inspection depending on your roofs needs.

    Roof Stains- we can softwash and remove those stains for 18 months immediately.

    Roof Protection- we can apply a product that will protect your roof from wind and hail. Turn your class 1 impact shingle into a class 3 after one application. Class 4 impact resistant after two applications.

    Extend The Life Of Your Roof- We can extend the life of your roof 10-15 years past what it would last normally. The best part, it comes with a money back guarantee.

    Water/UV Ray Resistant Shingles- We make your current shingles 13X more water resistant, 100% UV resistant.

    Roof Replacement- We can inspect your roof, meet with adjusters and get you a new roof for only the cost of your insurance deductible.

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    Mi Ranchito in Searcy is the first commercial building in the state to have its roof protected by nanotechnology. All Mi Ranchito�¢??s in Arkansas are scheduled to be the first fully protected businesses from the ground up in the United States if not the world. By extending the life of the TPO roof the businesses will save money by not replacing roofs so soon, by blocking 100% UV rays they can expect a lower energy bill, and water will not soak in anywhere on this building preventing all algae, mold & bacteria growing and damaging and deteriorating the building. Essentially the building will be frozen in time and hold its color all while protecting it and extending the life of it.

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    Jeremy Lindsey